Sri Ramakant Maharaj
The following are pointers/guidelines only

Maharaj says:

"In reality there are no pointers, no guideliness, no process is there! No Master, no disciple, no outer or inner Master".

The language that is used here, is for the purpose of understanding. Nor does the 'process' operate in a linear fashion:

"Do not take the words literally, as they are only indicators, like the flashes emitted from a lighthouse".


"Not to compare different Masters and different teachings. This is not a comparative study. It is Direct Knowledge."

The process is one of making you a Master. As Shri Ramakant Maharaj's Master, Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj, before him said:

 "I am not making you disciples,

I am making you Masters."

The Master gives instructions and guidance. He asks the disciple to follow these. He guides the disciple from illusion to Reality, from the Outer Master to the Inner Master. He does this by addressing the Silent Invisible Anonymous Unidentified Identity”, which is our Reality, saying at the same time that:

"The invisible speaker in ME and the invisible listener in YOU are One and the same".

Oneness is always there, but is hidden, covered by the 'ash' of illusory concepts.

Ramakant Maharaj

When the Master and Disciple Come Together

Maharaj describes the process as one from:




"There is a statue of the deity within you", says the Master. "It is already there. It just needs to be uncovered".

The Master gets to work on the sculpture. He needs to get rid of the unwanted parts that are covering it.  The Master hammers and hammers and chips away, going deeper and deeper until all the unwanted coverings have been removed. The work is done when spontaneously, the deity in all its splendour is revealed.


1. Reawakening: Maharaj will say that there is no difference between the Master and the disciple, except that the Master knows that he is not the body, whereas the disciple does not know. He explains that Self-Realization simply means to know oneself in a Real Sense:

"We are knowing ourselves in the body-form, this is not our real identity".

The Master begins the process of convincing the disciple.

2. Direct Knowledge: We have forgotten our true identity. This is covered by the ashes of illusory concepts. The Master's Direct Knowledge reminds us of our true identity.

3. Self-Enquiry: Master tells you what you are not:

"You are not the body, you were not the body, you are not going to remain the body".

"You are not a man, nor a woman".

"The mind, ego and intellect are your babies", etc.

He asks you to find this out for yourself through Self-Enquiry.

4. Meditation: The Master defines meditation as a 24 hour practice. Total self-involvement is needed:

"You are boiling, you are on fire to find out the Reality, to uncover the Source. Nothing will stop you finding out, 'Who am I'?"

He says that the meditation is an essential discipline in the early stages. It is the foundation of the whole process and practice.

This practice is also an illusion but,

"We have to use one thorn to remove another thorn".

Later on, the whole practice is dropped.

5. Final Truth: The Master teaches that everything is within you. You are Ultimate. There is nothing else, nothing beyond. He tells you what you are:

"Your Spontaneous Presence is silent, anonymous, invisible, unidentified identity. You are unborn. There is no birth and no death for you, it is only the body that dissolves. The entire world is the Spontaneous Projection of your Spontaneous Presence".

He asks you to accept this Reality, your Reality.

6. Prior to Beingness: The Master reminds you: "Your Presence was there prior to beingness. It will be there after beingness. It is there now as the holder of the body".

He explains that all our knowledge is body-knowledge, which started after "the spirit clicked with the body". Then came the impressions, conditioning, pressures and illusory concepts which we accepted. These kept us trapped in the circle of body-knowledge.

7. Dissolving Body-knowledge: The next step is for us to get rid of all illusion. The Master instructs us as to why this is necessary:

"Ultimate Reality will not emerge until all body-knowledge has been dissolved".

As we do the self-enquiry, the Master gives us a useful tool, the Master Key, the Lineage Naam Mantra which will help to "erase the memories", and "regenerate the inner Master". We recite the mantra which means, "I am Brahman, Brahman I am". At the same time, the Master continues with the direct hammering, to further convince:

    "You are Brahman,

You are Brahman,           You are Brahman".

Also included in this dissolution process is the singing of bhajans, devotional songs with high meaning. This makes the whole undertaking a living, flowing and happy one. While singing these, the meanings and vibrations uplift the spirit, and we forget about the body.

8. Surrender and Acceptance: Momentum increases. You feel more and more driven to uncover the Source within, to find the Reality. Our trust in the Master and in ourselves increase simultaneously. We accept his teachings without question. Conviction is established.

9. Absorption: The Knowledge deepens. We ask questions, receive answers, and any lingering doubts are cleared up. Knowledge is being absorbed slowly, silently, permanently. As Self is dissolving, and the veil is beginning to lift, the unadorned purity of Selfless Self begins to shine forth.The Master cautions us: 

"Always be alert! Don't let illusion back in!       Keep doing the practice!"


10. Spontaneous Conviction: The Master tells us not to think about what is happening, and not to make any effort. "Don't stress the brain! The conviction that You are not the body, will arise spontaneously. Then, you will KNOW, I Am That!"

11. Merging: At this time, as well as at other times, the feeling of separation between the Master and disciple dissolves. Again:"The invisible speaker in me and the invisible listener in you are one and the same". A merging, so to speak, into Oneness is taking place. As Maharaj says:

"The melting process is marching towards Oneness."

12. Be With Selfless Self: At this stage the Master actively prompts the Inner Master directly, saying: "Talk to your Inner Master. Demand answers! Your Inner Master will respond and give you instructions. Your Masterly essence will guide you. Embrace Selfless Self".

Your Inner Master is reawakening::

"You are Ultimate Truth. You are Ultimate Reality. You are Final Reality".

There is nothing more. Words are now redundant. Knowledge has served its purpose. It has removed the illusion of ignorance. Likewise, the illusion of Knowledge must also be dissolved:

"Total Knowledge is absorbed in Oneness.".

13. Be Within the Selfless Self: The process from illusion to Reality has, as it were, ended.

"Be calm and quiet. Be happy. Enjoy the exceptional peace, exceptional silence. Be intoxicated with the nectar of Selfless Self".


14. Bowing to the Master:

 Spontaneous gratitude arises, and devotion to the Master continues unabated. He has shown that the disciple is Ultimate Reality, Final Truth. Selfless Self is revealed. Jai Guru!

Master repeats and emphasizes again and again that:

"Except your Selfless Self there is no God, no Brahman, no Atman, no Paramatman, no Master."

(Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj)

Master asks you to listen carefully:

"This phrase contains the gist of all the teachings"  

 Homage to Shri Ramakant Maharaj,

Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj 

and all the Masters of this Lineage.

We bow to Selfless Self

  Jai SadGuru! 


Ramakant Maharaj

*****This page is an attempt to put into words and allude to that which is ultimately indescribable and gives but a glimpse into the workings of Master-Disciple process.