Ramakant Maharaj

 Method Guidelines                                          

Shri Ramakant Maharaj is part of the same lineage of Masters as Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj of the Inchegiri Navnath Sampradaya. The teachings are the same as his Master's, but differ by way of method and expression.

His method of teaching is also radical - again, like his Master before him - with a fresh approach in terms of delivery, and stance - one that is uncompromisingly Absolute.

Maharaj shares 'Direct Living Knowledge'. There are no long-winded explanations that take you round in circles. References to other sources are kept to the minimum. “There is no difference between the Master and you”, he instructs, “you have just forgotten your true identity”. The Teachings are simple. He hammers home the same Truth again and again: “You are not the body. You were not the body. You will not remain the body.” "The body is not your identity." “Your Spontaneous Presence is anonymous, invisible, unidentified identity”. “You are Ultimate Truth, Final Truth. You are the Final Destination”, etc. 

The Master's method needs some clarification for new visitors to these teachings. The aim of his method is to cut through body-knowledge and body identity as quickly as possible and get down to the business of Reality. 

Ramakant Maharaj

 Ramakant Maharaj defines PRESENCE as:

"S P O N T A N E O U S,   I N V I S I B L E,

 A N O N Y M O U S,   U N I D E N T I F I E D   

I D E N T I T Y."


1. The Master teaches using carefully selected, specific words, as in the above phrase,  that have an undefinable quality, : 'invisible', 'anonymous', 'spontaneous', 'unidentified'. These words allude to that which is hidden, and come close to the 'unknown', close to the 'unrevealed',  coming close to the 'Reality', beyond all words. These words cannot easily be grasped by the 'mind'. Instead, they disarm the mind and prevent the imagination from conjuring up any associated thoughts and concepts.

2. He 'acts' like an exterminator of all your concepts, clearing them, bypassing them and speaking directly to the denuded essence That You Are. This nameless 'Source' that you are has been given many names such as the Ultimate, Ultimate Reality, Ultimate Truth, etc. The Master is speaking directly to the 'Invisible Listener' beyond words. This means that he is speaking to that which ultimately cannot be named - the ineffable.

3. The Master's method of teaching is unique in that he is not giving YOU instructions, instead, he is reawakening and regenerating your Inner Master. “I am addressing the Invisible Listener in you”. HERE IT IS TO BE UNDERSTOOD THAT THE INVISIBLE SPEAKER AND THE INVISIBLE LISTENER ARE ONE AND THE SAME. (see next page)

4. The Master's approach is direct. It is the shortest cut to Self-Realization. From beginning to end he hammers the same message: “You are Ultimate Truth, Final Truth. You are nothing to do with this illusory world”. He cuts through all 'body-knowledge'. DON'T EXPECT HIM TO BE INTERESTED IN YOUR THOUGHTS, CONCEPTS, MEMORIES, EXPERIENCES. He teaches: “The entire world is illusion, including the body. You are not the body, you were not the body, and you will not remain the body”, therefore engaging in any body-related knowledge and body-related spirituality is time-wasting.

5. Words are only indicators. DON'T TAKE THE MASTER'S WORDS LITERALLY. Focus on the meaning, the essence of the message, or using the Master's words, the “gist” of the message.

6. The Master's method of working means that he is always speaking to your Reality, your Ultimate Reality. He is not addressing you as John, Ravi or Sita with all your body identifications. WHEN YOU ASK QUESTIONS THE MASTER IS ADDRESSING THE 'INVISIBLE QUESTIONER'. He will say that “ALL OF OUR QUESTIONS ARE BODY-BASED”. 

7. The Master teaches that “We created language. We created knowledge. Prior to Beingness/Consciousness, Nothing was there. You were unknown to you. There were NO WORDS. You did not even know the word 'KNOWLEDGE'. THIS IS A USEFUL POINTER TO HELP YOU PUT ASIDE ALL THE KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE GATHERED TO DATE. 

8. “Nothing has happened. You are talking about the Unborn Child”, he says. This message is another reminder for you: Try and resist the temptation to talk about 'YOUR PERSONAL STORY', 'YOUR KNOWLEDGE', including 'YOUR SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE'.

9. The Master is speaking to the 'Invisible Listener' in you. To maximise the flow from SOURCE to SOURCE, PREPARE YOURSELF! THIS MEANS BE QUIET, OPEN AND RECEPTIVE. Put the mind, ego, intellect aside. Being, as it were, like a blank screen will free up your attention and increase the chances of benefitting from the teachings. And if the ego doesn't like it and rises up, so be it. Let it be bashed, including the 'spiritual ego'. 

Ramakant Maharaj


10. When the Master talks about Knowledge, he is not talking about intellectual knowledge, literal knowledge, book knowledge, dry knowledge, experiential knowledge, or any kind of knowledge that is second-hand. It has nothing to do with information that has been sourced from outside yourself and/or accumulated from books via the body-form. True Knowledge/Self-Realization is non-intellectual. It is simply “KNOWING YOURSELF IN A REAL SENSE”. Knowledge means 'SELFLESS SELF KNOWLEDGE'. This definition may assist you in NOT talking about your body-based 'knowledge'.

11. You will have questions that need to be asked at the beginning. ASK QUESTIONS AND CLEAR YOUR DOUBTS. You will find that these dry up, the more the Master hammers your Reality into you. His method has the effect of silencing you. You will notice the emergence of Spontaneous Silence.

12. The Master is sharing RARE KNOWLEDGE, TRUE KNOWLEDGE, IRREFUTABLE KNOWLEDGE. Understand therefore that this Knowledge is not up for debate. Master advises to AVOID DISCUSSIONS, ARGUMENTS, COUNTER-ARGUMENTS. It is helpful for you to know that this Knowledge is not coming from the realm of ideas. It is REALITY, YOUR REALITY. THAT YOU ARE! Ultimate Reality is speaking to Ultimate Reality.

13. The Master tells you to be calm and quiet. “Don't stress the brain! Your inner Master is listening, analyzing and recording all that the Master is teaching.” What this means is that there is a flow between the Master and you that is spontaneously happening. Ultimate Truth is reaching and reawakening the Ultimate Truth in you. DON'T TRY TO GRASP THE TEACHINGS. JUST BE!

If you follow the Master's instructions WITH TOTAL FAITH AND ACCEPTANCE, then slowly, silently, permanently your 'Spontaneous Presence' that is invisible, anonymous, unidentifiable identity, will merge with Selfless Self.

Ramakant Maharaj