Ramakant Maharaj

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Ramakant Maharaj
 Sri Ramakant Maharaj:                  "Be a Master of Reality and not just a Master of Philosophy and Spirituality. A Professor may teach by talking about Truth whereas a Master lives it."                          
Nisargadatta Maharaj Kundalini

 Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

siddharameshwar maharaj


*Denotes Maharaj's direct line 

*Sri Revan Nath

*Sri Kadsiddheshwar Maharaj

*Sri Gurulingajangam Maharaj 1789- 1875

*Sri Bhausaheb Maharaj 1843-1914

 * Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj 1888-1936

*Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj 1897-1981

*Sri Ramakant Maharaj 1941-2018

Sri Ranjit Maharaj 1913-2000

Sri Muppin Kadsiddeshwar Maharaj 1905-2001

Sri Ganapatrao Maharaj 1909-2004

Sri Bainath Maharaj

Sri Gurudev Ranade Maharaj 1886 - 1957

Sri Amburao Maharaj 1857-1933

Sri Girimalleshwar Maharaj

Sri Balkrishna Maharaj

Nisargadatta and siddharameshwar
siddharameshwar Maharaj
Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj
siddharameshwar maharaj
Bhausaheb Maharaj inchegiri

Sri Bhausaheb Maharaj 

inchegiri bhausaheb

Gurudev Ranade Maharaj

Sri Muppin Kadsiddheshwar Maharaj
kadsiddeshwar maharaj
"Ghabru Nakos" ("Do not fear" in Marathi) and "Soham"
 ("That Itself is Me").

 Sri Bhausaheb Maharaj

bhausaheb maharaj
inchegiri sampradaya
om inchegiri sampradaya
Lineage masters short video - above
dattatraya inchegiri
      Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj Bhajan 
om inchegiri navnath sampradaya
"The teaching of Nath Sampradaya offers the seeker the royal road to liberation, a road in which all the four by-lanes of bhakti, jnana, kharma and dhyana seem to unite" (ie devotion, knowledge, work/service and meditation).   "... The path shown by the Nath is the best of all, and leads directly to liberation."                                                                                    (Appendix II,  'I Am That', Maurice Frydman 1973)

This is applied knowledge in a practical hands-on daily aspect. Truth is brought to life. Self-knowledge is pragmatic knowledge. It is living knowledge as opposed to intellectual dry knowledge. Ramakant Maharaj says: "The knowledge here is rooted in Reality and not in the body-base. This makes all the difference."
Bhainath Maharaj
Bhainath maharaj
ganapatrao maharaj

Sri Ganapatrao Maharaj

"Aham Brahmasmi" - "I am Brahman"

   Sri Ranjit Maharaj

ranjit maharaj

 Sri Amburao Maharaj below

Amburao maharaj
navanath sampradaya

On left.

Revan Nath,

 Lineage chief.

 One of the Nine Masters 

bhainath maharaj
Sri Bhainath Maharaj
bhainath maharaj
ranjit maharaj siddharameshwar

 "I am He"

ranjit maharaj

Sri Ranjit Maharaj 

Sri Balkrishna Maharaj

Balkrishna maharaj
navnath sampradaya
  Older lineage Masters

         The Natha Sampradaya (Devanagari:नाथ प्रदाय), is a development of the earlier Siddha or Avadhuta Sampradaya, an ancient lineage of spiritual masters.

Its founding is traditionally ascribed as an ideal reflected by the life and spiritual attainments of the Guru Dattatreya, the avatar of BrahmaVishnu & Shiva all in one

More recently the Inchegiri Navnath Sampradaya

was founded by Sri Bhausaheb Maharaj.