The following poems, written by Shri Ramakant Maharaj, are extraordinary, considering that Shri Ramakant was only in his early twenties. He met his Master, Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj in 1962 and wrote these in 1963-64 which reflect his complete surrender to Shri Nisargadatta. 

Devotional Poetry

(© 2020 Anvita Sawant)

Poetry Composed by Sadguru Shri Ramakant Maharaj

& English Translation by Rahul Pandav


These poems (Abhangas) were composed by Sadguru Shri Ramakant Maharaj around the year 1963-1964. Maharaj uses the Pen name Gurucharan (Guru’s Feet) in most of these Abhangas. Maharaj met his Master Sadguru Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj in the year 1962. These compositions are full of love, gratitude and devotion to His Master. All these compositions were written in Marathi, and translated into English (2020) by Rahul Pandav, using the Pen name Gurucharanraj.


Oh Master! Now we no more need any religious rites and rituals

as You have set us free by showing us the essence of Spirituality.

Oh Master! You have set us free by bursting the big bubble of illusory concepts of

Punya  (good deeds) and Papa(bad deeds)

Oh Nisargadatta! With the repetition of your

Naam (by doing Naam Smaran)

we have forgotten our body existence

and no more do we fear the ghosts of death and birth.

Oh Nisargadatta! Gurucharan (Sadguru Shri

Ramakant Maharaj) is praying that 

with your grace, let everybody experience

this exceptionally divine bliss and happiness.



Devotion is the Mother of Knowledge.

This I have realized by Sadguru’s Grace.

With His Grace

all my ignorance has perished.

Hence, worship Guru’s Feet without any delay.

Guru is mother to the devotees.

He is holding the cool shade of His Grace for the devotees.

That has made all my worries of birth and death vanish.

This Samsara (worldly existence) is based on birth and death.

It has run away in no time on Prostrating to Feet of Nisargadatta.

Guru is the origin of Devotion.

Knowledge is dust of His Holy Feet.

Know this whole gist.

Gurucharan is praying.



O Lord Panduranga, from where have you come?

And where have you been all this time?  

When I found my Sadguru and surrendered to him completely,

you have now appeared before me.

I ever searched you at holy places

like Pandharpur but could not find you.

Now you have appeared before me just to entice me.

But at any cost, I will not leave the holy feet of my Sadguru.

For me (Gurucharan - Ramakant Maharaj)

there is no other god except my Master.

My Master Nisargadatta is the only God for me,

hence I adore him with all my devotion.



Oh my mind! Why don’t you remember

the all benevolent Sadguru with whom Almighty God is ever present?

Oh mind! He(Sadguru) has shown you the inner joy of liberation.

Still, why are you lost in worldly objects?

Oh mind! Still, you are attached to this perishable body

and it’s relationships such as my son, my wife etc.

Oh mind! Gurucharan urges you to leave the worldly bondages,

and be completely absorbed in the Selfless Self.



Oh my beloved Master Nisargadatta!

Now, how can I let you leave me,

as I have surrendered myself completely at your holy feet!

Oh Master! Haven’t You been playing hide and seek

with me all this while.

But now, I have got you and won’t let you go ever!

Oh Gopala! It’s you only who has made me love

and enjoy this sweet devotional

attachment(Bhakti) towards You,

so much that no more can I separate myself from you!

Oh Nisargadatta! Your greatness is beyond description.

Let me(Gurucharan - Sadguru

Shri Ramakant Maharaj) simply be one with you

and rest at your holy feet!



Oh my Master Nisargadatta!

Let me not ask for anything

other than You(devotion towards you)!

No more give me any desire for external gods.

Let me simply rest at your holy feet!

May I be blessed with total devotion towards

You, so much that no more do I separate myself from You!

May You become everything for me,

now that I have offered myself to your holy feet.

My only earnest request to you, is to let me

(Gurucharan) be immersed in your holy name(नार् - Naam) always!



In this composition Maharaj mentions about

(body-based)saints who are lost in external spirituality

(bodily decorations etc.).

He says he has never seen anyone like His Master Nisargadatta.

Oh my dear Master Nisargadatta!

I have seen many saints. But never, anyone like you.

They shave their heads, they apply tilak on the forehead!

But alas, they miss the Gopala (God) residing inside them!

They roam from one holy place to another

wearing saffron robes and behaving strangely! I pity them!

They grow their beards and jata(long hair on the head).

They talk about leaving Samsara (worldly existence).

But inside them they carry worldly desires!

They don’t understand that God is not the external appearance and form.

But, He is formless inspite of having form.

Oh Nisargadatta! Now I have stopped searching elsewhere

and become your spiritual son (Guruputra).

I (Gurucharan) have become holy

simply by reciting your Naam (Guru Mantra).



 The festive-celebration of enlightenment,

I have seen.. (That) no God separate from Nisargadatta ever has been!

Looking for God, I wandered all around...

But, at the holy feet of my Sadguru was where He (Hrishikesha) was found!

Now, I will not leave my Sadguru’s feet, even if this body goes...

He is the God of Gods where Gurucharan bows!

How can one find the Sadguru Mauli (mother)

merely by theoretical knowledge?

Or by searching foolishly elsewhere?

Even the Vedas and Shrutis have no answer.

Gurucharan requests you to stop worrying....

Be one with Nisargadatta and keep bowing!




Haven’t you been searching everywhere, vainly, for Ram (God)...

Don’t you realise, He is to be found only by chanting the holy

Guru Naam (Guru Mantra)!

Driven by the (extrovert) mind,

haven’t you been searching for Him everywhere outside of you...

But, how could you ever find Him?

As, His dwelling place really is within you!

Without surrendering to the Guru,

this mystery one simply cannot realize...

That inside your heart is where Ram resides!

Yes! I (Gurucharan) have seen Ram..

If you really want, you too can see,

simply by chanting Nisarga(Datta) Naam!



Word Ram is used to indicate Selfless Self.

Look! The treasure of Ram (Selfless Self) I have found...

Yes! the treasure of Ram I have found...

Oh Nisargadatta! Only at thy holy feet, this priceless treasure was found!

Oh Ram! In temples, mosques, Vedas and

Shrutis(scriptures), searched for You, endlessly, all around...

But, ended up completely disappointed, as nowhere, were You to be found!

Oh Ram! I found You, when I completely rejected the ‘ego’,

and surrendered totally to the Guru...

And, with all oneness started singing Jai Guru, Jai Guru!

Says Gurucharan, listen to me, search(outside) no more, for Ram...

So near He is to you that you are already 

One with Ram.



Come fast, Oh Master!

Bless me!

What worries me is this bodily existence, please protect me!

To protect us (your devotees), you take infinite forms...

Whenever we are caught in worldly storms!

On reciting your Naam, Even the gods and deities,

have become completely calm..

With their true nature, They have merged,

on becoming one with the holy Naam!

Oh Nisargadatta!

Nothing else Ramakant wants...

Other than complete rest at your holy feet!



Meditating intensely, the meditators achieve Spiritual Powers(Siddhis)...

Turning them away from Reality, they (these

Powers) hypnotize the seekers...

Oh seekers(Sadhaka)!

Enamoured by these Powers...

You are pulled back into worldly desires...

All the time you are lost in worldly desires...

So much that, you forget the Selfless Self, your very Source...

Oh seekers!

Remember what Nisargadatta said,

and don’t fall for these pitfalls..

Gurucharan too cautions you!