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Visitors are welcome with prior notice, so please email first: admin@ramakantmaharaj.net 

 Maharaj says "we are providing maximum facilities to devotees staying with our Ashram It's Grace of our Sadgurus"

Enquiries re places to stay: There are two or three rooms in the ashram for visitors now with additional steel beds installed. There may be a bed free, but please do not assume accommodation is available. In addition the roof top terrace is now covered with a roof and there are three tents, cotton bed's available in this area.  For the more adventurous traveler, plz bring a small tent, for use under covered balcony area.  In this area there are wash rooms, some western toilets, and an Auquaguard Pure Water Machine, a Fridge and solar warm water for bathing.  In terms of sustenance there is a local tiffin service at a reasonable amount of Rs60/ per tiffin/lunch.  

Hotel Accommodation can be found in the surrounding area. Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed to be available in the ashram itself. Whatever accommodation decided upon, we generally recommend only to make advance payment for 3 nights accommodation before arrival in India, so as to keep options open.


 Check out Theem Plaaza and Utsav Hotels should be fine.

The recommended hotel for visitors is: HOTEL THEEM PLAAZA   (Utsav is also recommended.) It is not usually essential to book Hotels in advance. A short advance booking would be a good idea and you can always change your accommodation to suit when you get here. Cheaper rates can be negotiated, (if you mention the name  'Ranjeet Ashram' to hotel proprietors and the word 'discount').  THERE ARE USUALLY DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE SO PLZ ASK !

Also recommended (by Maharaj) and recently opened is

 Utsav Hotel.

   Veg menu. Very comfortable. Not too expensive (1400R/-s)for short visit.*****

RECENT REVIEW MARCH 2017 - POOR: Not good value for money. Wifi only in a lobby. Please note that the UTSAV HOTEL is 20min walking distance.


One new Hotel http://hotelutsav.in/index.html opened Near BigBaazar Moll   HOTEL UTSAV  42 AC ROOMS  http://hotelutsav.in/contact.php  Email hotel_utsav@rediffmail.com  Types of Rooms Deluxe Singal Room Rs 1400/- Double Room 1600/- Executive Deluxe Room Single Rs.1600/- Double Room 1800/- And Suit Single Rs 2400/- Double 2600/- They are having Veg Restaurant with almost all facilities eg wifi. 

Short rickshaw ride to ashram. 

Ramakant Maharaj
Ramakant Maharaj

 !!! MONEY EXCHANGE !!! Currency can be exchanged with DEBIT/CREDIT CARD at STANDARD BANK ATMS.  THERE ARE 2 or more ATMS AND  a BANK  LOCATED AT BYTCO POINT SHOPPING COMPLEX (beside Prashant Cyber cafe). ALSO 2 ATMS  at banks close to  NASIK ROAD RAIL STATION. See google maps

These ATMS  issue rupees at standard banking  rates (with normal commission charges). The atms closest to ashram do not seem to work for westerners. The atms above do!      Experience proves that exchanging foreign currency using any individual go-betweens, or money brokers or even using hotels to exchange money is not recommended.
If you have brought dollars/euros/pounds then use a reputable bank! 
 NASHIK / NASHIK Road is not an international holiday destination  and has no easily found licensed money exchange shops. For your immediate needs, if arriving from abroad, MUMBAI INT.AIRPORT HAS ATMS. The Forex booth at the airport is convenient if a little pricey, but fine for immediate needs. 
Attention ! To avoid possible Indian Visa Problems!
Suggested Reason for visit: Holiday  
Type of visa:         Tourist Visa 
            Where staying:  Hotel (eg  any hotel listed below).

When giving reasons for visit we suggest not to use words like 'pilgrimage', pilgrim, ashram, charity, work, or investment opportunity or give similar reasons such as 'business interests'. These can raise red flags in the application process and can cause  delays or even refusal of visa. We cannot accept responsibility for any refusal of visa. This note is simply advisory.

The most expensive in Nashik Road was  Hotel Orange Tree - NOT RECOMMENDED, really bad reviews from devotees March 2017.

 Middle of the road and further away is De Rajnigandha is $20 approx. With 10% discount for longer stays. Contact details and rates etc on web site: www.derajnigandha.com Within 2 kilometers of ashram. Autorickshaw recommended to ashram. De Rajnigandha is situated near Muktidam(a big temple complex and  a big  tourist attraction in Nashik Road) contact tel: 02532458696/02532454576 

Mob No. 8483019399 

or Mr N.G.Mishra Mob.9156694796

3 or 4 Hotels in NASIK ROAD were looked at.  There are others.

Disclaimer: No responsibility can be taken for the services etc provided by the hotels here listed. Please keep in mind when booking that Nashik Road, (where the ashram is located) is itself a township 5 to 6 miles approx from centre of Nashik city. 

Deals can be struck with all above for longer stays i.e. over one week + 

Hotels near Muktidam: Rajnigandha, and Orange Tree

Telephone numbers etc. on some business cards below.

Another Option: SAI LEELA H0TEL Near Nashik Road Police Station Tel Fax 0253 2461611 Email - hotel- saileela@rediffmail.com

 SHANGRILLA  Hotel see card below

 Hotel Shalimar Inn. Good Hotel with reasonable rent Rs 750/- Non Ac  good facilities like free Wi-Fi chek out time 12 noon Phone 02532502600/03 email  shalimar.inn2013@gmail.com


  8Km from Ashram  

 Auto Rickshaw to ashram

 HOTEL SHALIMAR INN Shalimar Chowk  NASHIK Pin 422001

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