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The seemingly endless agony of yearning for a true Sadguru like Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj finally blossomed in discovering Shri Ramakant Maharaj' existence. So I eagerly rushed to Him and was truly satisfied. So to all the yearning hearts, I implore you, please rush to the Feet of this Sadguru, for this is the rarest of opportunities!

(J.D. - The Hague, The Netherlands)

 "He is the only living Master speaking from Sahaja Samadhi." (Maryland, USA)

"Successor to Nisargadatta Maharaj - a Jnani." ( A.J. - London)

"When you hear the Master speaking you know it is Truth."(Macau, China)

"His teachings are extraordinary. I have never heard anything like this before. So simple."(D. Adelaide, Australia)

"Thank you for your website. Without it I would not have found Maharaj. He is what I was looking for." (I.M. - Tel Aviv, Israel)

"At last he has found me! I have been a searcher for 40+years and finally found a living master who talks from Source." (C.S. - London, England)

" A true Sadguru." (M.C. - New York, USA)

"We missed Nisargadatta Maharaj. We were not around Ramana Maharshi. We are not going to miss this Master." (R. D. - Bangalore)

  "I have just discovered this site and have just booked a flight to receive darshan from Maharaj." (L. H. Seoul - S. Korea)

"I am so happy with the connection with Maharaj. I will make plans to visit India soon." (S.K. - Japan)

"I am so happy to see this new site on Maharaj's Teachings."                       (V. T. St. Petersburg, Russia)

"It is wonderful to find this site with everything about Maharaj in the one place." (A. Lisbon - Portugal.)

"Our skype sessions are a very special and happy time." (B.R. - New York State)

"My time with Maharaj turned out to be much more than I had hoped for, and I know the benefits will be lasting." (K.J. - Hawaii)

"In his presence I was left speechless." (N.S. - UK)

"A real guru in the midst of a forest of phoneys." (A.L. - NY, USA)

"I feel very blessed, so fortunate to meet a living master. Jai Guru!" (R.S.-  Mumbai)

"I saw this site and knew immediately I just had to come and see Maharaj. This was no accident." (J. - London)

"I feel that this master will bring the search to an end.  I know he will." (R. P. - Pune)

"It was amazing to speak with a master who had spent 20yrs with his master Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and also spent  20 years around Sri Ranjit Maharaj."(D.B.- Germany)

"Ramakant Maharaj, the Great Living Master." (D.S. - Mumbai)

"I had not been there long. Suddenly I knew intuitively that I was to accept everything Ramakant Maharaj was teaching. Knowledge of this and speaking the words happened at the same time. Spontaneously! I knew he was a Jnani. And I was overcome with gratitude " (A.S. - London)

"Thank you for your site, what an experience!" (M.B. - San Diego, California)

"As soon as I saw this site and Maharaj's teachings,  I booked my flight over to India!" (E.G. Paris, France)

"Just came out of a crisis in my life and feeling low. And then I found your site and out of the blue appeared Ramakant Maharaj. I had no choice in the matter. I had to come." (L.W. - Chiangmai,Thailand)

"I am coming for 2 weeks. I feel that the naam mantra will help me move forward with the meditation." (P.P. - Milan, Italy)

"I have been following the Inchegiri Navnath Sampraday for years. I really like the Masters here. I could not believe it when I heard there was a living master of this lineage - Ramakant Maharaj. (From Anon. Fukushima, Japan)

"I am from a Sufi background and I have not found what I am looking for. I have a strong feeling that Ramakant Maharaj will help take me out of this world of illusion." (I.K. - Istanbul, Turkey)

" I have seen Mooji, Tony Parsons, Jeff Foster and others. Ramakant Maharaj is the real deal and he does not charge!" (J.S.- Manchester,UK)

"I am a Bhuddhist. I visited Ramakant Maharaj - beautiful energy." (Anon. Russia)

"Thank you so much for this site. Without it I would never have come across this Master. A spirit of openness shines through its pages. Without True Knowledge we stay in the dark. Jai Guru!"(W. R. -  Sao Paolo - Brazil)

"Finding the web site was to me like finding a treasure." (J.L. - Portland, Oregon)

"The REAL Deal." (L.C. - Rochester, NewYork)