"This wonderful document appeared to me as a 'miracle'. This book is conceived like a symphony, reaches a crescendo... and the last chapters are an apotheosis." (2017 Canada) See more comments at bottom of page...

 Sri Ramana sramam Mountain Path Quarterly   SELFLESS SELF Review

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"The crystal clarity of Shri Ramakant’s teaching is truly amazing... It seems that even the Divine is able to top itself when it comes to dishing out its highest wisdom, further sharpening the pinnacle of knowledge so that the bubble of illusion can be easily pierced. So if there is ever a benchmark to recognize a genuine Master and His teaching, Selfless Self is it.” Holland.

I am deeply moved by the Truth, the Essence of 'Selfless Self'. This book 

should be mandatory reading for all students, for everyone, in fact.” Poland

"Pure Gold! Everything is there for Self-Realization."  USA     

"...In spite of having Nisargadatta, Ranjit, and Siddharameshwar at hand out here, I can't read anything but your/Maharaj's book. It is incredibly poignant, direct and penetrating. Wiping concepts ruthlessly. I am so thankful for what you've done … Thank you, as I thank God." 

Your book is a staggeringly powerful agent and gospel of Truth.
Thank you for helping to bring me home."

"Selfless Self?  It is such an irresistible expression of living, fiery Truth, as much as the Real can be expressed in words, to blow away all words and concepts!"  Southern Calilofornia

"BEAUTIFUL!"     Bere, India

"I've read many books on non duality and I think this book selfless self is special, would like to see it widely available."    New Mexico

"Selfless Self is an excellent book. The best!   Maharaj, you are beyond any of my expectations, I really can't believe it." U.S.A

"I bow to all you people that made possible the Selfless Self book. It is so clear and to the point, even "better" than I Am That. Ramakant Maharaj has done the difficult work to update and actualise the ideas to our times and mindsets. I will be eternally grateful for that." Columbia, S.America

"I feel such a strong strong connection with Sri Ramakant Maharaj. I trust completely what he says. I trust this lineage and my whole beings tells me that he is a true guide, showing us , hammering us with what we have simply forgotten.  So so amazing, what a blessing."

"Its simplicity is in a way deceptive because we think it should be more complicated, ritualized more heavily, etc..... but he so clearly and directly clears all that up. I am grateful, very happy, feel very fortunate. Thank you."   Chicago

"The book, Selfless Self, has arrived today. Just holding it in my hands, one feels the Power and Truth coming from it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For this Divine Gift! I humbly bow."     California

"No words can express ..." Spain

"A quiet majesty emanates from behind the words in this book. It positively shimmers with high, high teachings. Delightful to behold and be one with. A masterpiece of deceptive simplicity. Healing, peace giving, and intrinsically self-empowering.This is a one-off, a treasure. Strongly recommended. " London 

"For me the book is a beginningless and endless stream of Maharaj. Furthermore I am truly wonderfully surprised that after reading so many books of wisdom, this book is so intensely radiating clarity that it is truly unparalleled. On every page I think of how skilfully the presentation of Maharaj's words are crafted. The words 'perfect work' have true meaning now! Jai Guru!" Holland

"Selfless Self is very powerful. For me, it is even more powerful than 'I Am That'. It is so nice to listen to Ramakant Maharaj in the book and absorb his teachings! ... just like flowing water. Very natural, very easy -- and peaceful. I smiled all the while, and when finished the first chapter, I felt Shri Maharaj's energy entered me in the process. How special this book is! A real wonderful gift for all of us!"  Korea

"The content is amazing." London

"The book is Maharaj and Maharaj is the book." Anon.

"Awesome!" Oregon,USA

"I have just started reading Selfless Self and feel deeply that this is the end of my journey, I have finally found the depth of teaching I was looking for." UK

"This book is alive, really alive! Even after putting it down the Master's hammering continues, playing back certain phrases throughout the day.The sensation of the book is one of a constant dialogue, deeper, deeper, deeper. Reading the book works like a mantra, in each moment, after each phrase, deeper silence, deeper peace, deeper joy."  Maryland USA

"I haven't even finished this book but I feel deeply compelled to write a review. A 'review' is not a sufficient word to encapsulate a book that shatters every worldly illusion. This book sparked the Selfless Self within and the directness with which Ramakant speaks is crushing. So crushing to the egoic-personality that it has no where to hide - especially not as the body-form. From the limited to limitless. From form to formless. From self to Self. I have the deepest respect for the Masters but I now know they all are sparks of my Self - I bow to Myself. Oh wondrous knowledge and mystery in this book - the speaker and listener are One and the same. All book knowledge and even the search - finished. There is no where else to go (searching) after reading this - The Truth is Here, Now. So hard to put into words a book that transcends everything manifest in time and space." USA Oct 16

Shri Ramakant Maharaj speaking with Ann Shaw,

the Editor of 'Selfless Self': "My Master, Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj, inspired you!By the Grace of my Master,the book is a Miracle." 

Alan Jacobs, President  Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK      5 *****Star Review !         

         "Selfless Self is a marvellous, outstanding book that will help many of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's followers and others. I have no doubt about Sri Ramakant Maharaj being a Realized Master. I greatly admire the content. Wonderful! Ann Shaw has done truly remarkable work in editing this great spiritually encyclopaedic work recording the Teachings of the Self Realised Sage and Jnani, Shri Ramakant Maharaj, successor to the esteemed Jnani, Nisargadatta Maharaj.  In over 500 pages Sri Ramakant explores every aspect of the necessary Spiritual Practices or Sadhanas, which are needed for the ardent aspirant to achieve Self Realisation. In this important book questions are put to the Sage and then lucid answers are given which are precisely appropriate to the question. In this book the earnest aspirant will surely find the question and answer appropriate to his or her need. In reading the whole book he or she will find all that is essential for him or her to form their own synthesis,  and proceed on their great journey towards Enlightenment. This is truly a great book and a worthy successor to the much celebrated  'I AM THAT' written by Sri Ramakant's own Master, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj."

 Timothy Conway, teacher of 'Advaita spirituality' for nearly 30 years, and author of 'Women of Power and Grace', Santa Barbara, CA, USA:                "The teachings of Sri Ramakant Maharaj bear the stamp of  complete authenticity and the power to awaken aspirants to innate Awareness. A beautiful book emerging within the Divine dream."

"A sage, jnani, of non-dual spiritual awakening...his extensive teachings are                        available in this beautiful and formidable new book."


"One has to breathe this book not think it. There is more happening in the dialogues than words can say.  After reading through this book I have come to the conclusion that to be in the presence of Ramakant Maharaj is to enter another dimension of understanding.

Christopher Quilkey, Editor, Mountain Path Quarterly Journal, Sri Ramanasramam."      


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